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education clipart

updated: Jul 18 2017

Educational Units

College Academy Institute University Main Objects Classroom Library Homework Backpack Desk Discipline Professor Teacher Supplementary Equipment Copybook Books Ballpen Pencil Eraser Ruler Board Chalk Dairy Subject Science Mathematics Biology Chemistry

Useful tips

How to manually adjust a selection

It’s good that we know how to edit an already selected area. This way we don’t have to start with the selection all over again once we change our mind.

You can add or subtract manually from any selection in the following way:

  • Make the selection of your choice on any chosen image
  • Select the „ Add to selection” option which is located in the Options bar
  • Drag to add to the actual selection by holding down „Shift” while dragging.
  • When you do this a „ + „ sign would appear by the selected area and you are done.
  • You can finish or repeat this action according to your preferences

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